Toolkit For Managing Youth Organisations By European Youth Forum

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European Youth Forum presented their new Toolkit on Quality Standards on Youth Policy in the context of the University for Youth and Development 2016, that it is taking place from 19th to 25th of September at the CEULAJ Centre of Mollina, Málaga.

They have recently published a new Toolkit on Quality Standards on Youth Policy with the aim to raise the bar of their youth policy in Europe. This tool will help youth organisations and public institutions diagnose existing policies and processes, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and show the way forward to achieving quality youth policies which have a true impact and change young people's lives.

“This is how we up our game in the European Youth Forum when it comes to providing the support to the new and better youth policies in Europe”, states Luis Alvarado, Vice President of the European Youth Forum.

This tool will help organisations to follow the appropriate steps along the Public Policy Process: policy formulation, adaptation, implementation and evaluation phases. It has been design for being useful both at a local, regional and European level.

Which goals pursue these standards? They aim to ensure the autonomy and the wellbeing of young people, enabling young people to participate actively in society, and supporting them in finding a place in society, both, as individuals and as professionals.

Some of these eight Quality Standards are focused on establish a rights-based approach to youth policy, as well as an evidence-based, participatory and cross-sectorial youth policy. Approaching to a model of strategic youth policy together with the need to find the available resources for youth policy are among the standards in which EYF has focused this time. Accountability and political commitment have not been forgotten in the EYF toolkit, as they are a key part of a success youth policy.

This innovative and creative tool, that has been developed in the last 18 months by the EYF hopes to help youth organisations to measure what is quality policy. “We hope that trough his tool youth organisations could make a difference to achieve a better quality in their youth policy strategies”, says Ville Majamma, from EYF.

European Youth Forum is encouraging all the youth organisations to read their toolkit. In words of Luis Alvarado, Vice-President of EYF: “Download this document, test it, evaluate it in your respective organisations, and tell us what do you think and give us our feedback.”


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Ana Santamaria