Music is the language of UYD


Along this week organizers, participants and trainers have spoken a same language: Music. On Thursday evening, colour, rhythm and music arrived to Mollina. Locals attended to the Party of Diversity, and could share it with more than 220 youngsters coming from 65 different nationalities.
Balkan, Irish, African, Polish, Arab, Latin-American music arrived to the locality of Mollina as an explosion of rhythms and emotions. Headed by the UBANDA band Atenas Square turned out yesterday in the best example of the UYD has been promoting this week: youth, inclusiveness, non-formal education and local action.

The Festival was marked by the involvement of everyone. Audience took the scenario to share their best performances, and to share with the others what does mean music for each one of them. One more time in this week, music was the tool through which all the souls where connected to each other. As Faith Odhiambo, member of the UYD Joint Team, says “Music lightens people's soul, and it helps people to come together”.

“This Festival was a celebration of diversity that brought us a realization of unity”, states Ed Wade Martins, musician at UBANDA. “During this week, UBANDA has supported UYD in its aim to promote Human Rights and inclusiveness. At the same time, UBANDA has been a perfect example of non-formal education, as participants the values UYD pretended to boost have been transmitted also trough music, through hearts. “By giving creativity we bring people together. This is an invitation to people to connect in different way”, Ed Wade Martins adds.

The enriching activities that have taken place here have fed the souls of participants, trainers, CEULAJ workers and inhabitants from Mollina. “Los Zona Kays” spread out their art during the Festival. For this flamenco group, UYD has been a huge motivation to continue in the world of the music. “What we lived was amazing. We have learnt new music styles, new people from all over the world and we felt an awesome mixture of cultures”, Luis Soler - member of the band - says. “Yesterday we felt a universal energy that we had not feel before, we felt the union between each other, at the same time that we were feeling at home”, Juan Amate, musician states. “After what I lived yesterday, today I feel that I can aspire to do different things, to play with different people, people from other cultures”, Fali Cortés, adds.

In his tenth year being part of UBANDA at UYD in Mollina, Rui Afonso felt that yesterday UYD achieved a great goal by the involvement of locals. “It was incredible for me to feel how inhabitants of Mollina danced together with participants, trainers, and even CEULAJ workers. “This Festival was the conclusion of the process, the result of a huge effort that started five years before when we came up with this idea. This is the best example of non- formal education”, Afonso says.

That is what social change consists in, in changing reality through our own individual change. “Not only participants have learnt this week, but all of us. We have connected with ourselves, between us as UBANDA band, but also as humans with all of these wonderful participants that have shared with us their feelings, their experiences and their cultures”, Helena Madeira, singer of UBANDA, says.
Six days since the start, UYD is signs off this afternoon with its Closing Ceremony plenty of surprises, creativity and art. Participants are ready to leave Mollina with their backs full of energy, ideas and new friends to share their future experience with. Social change has started for us.

“Music is not only about connection, but is, above all, about cure. Music is a cure to humanity´s ills”, Rui Afonso, musician of UBANDA.

Ana Santamaria